Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Stress Reliever

I so love dogs, our family owns actually 4 dogs. We are a family that cant leave without any dog on the house. I grew up with dogs running on our yard and I remember back on my childhood days, I being at panic mode looking for our one dog named Bruce. Eventually we saw him at the neighbors chilling....hahaha Really dogs can easily ease your stress out in just a bit. My dog really helped me a lot on those days, When I was in my broken stage he is the only one had help me to forget the things that has been stressing me a lot. By just playing with Ashton, brushing the hair,or just watching ashton playing around. I dont know what dogs has but just doing what they usually do can blow out a person's problem or stress.
Isn't he adorable on that image...?
That's me and Ashton jog's our morning somewhere....He always want to come with me whenever I leave the house, He always want to go out first when he knows that I am preparing to go somewhere....haha How I wish I can always bring Ashton anywhere......Well now he is 1 year old and 5months and being naughty already but that's fine with the family we are used to that naughtiness of them...If you all wanna release the stress that you have? well better get a dog now...hehehe

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