Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something thingy.....

I feel that it is time for me to reveal this kind of thing (well its not really a thing)  that I have now....I have this one person that had stayed with me for a long time but there was a time that it came to the point foolishness,temptation had attacked our relationship, So the love,passion and happiness on us got away so easily.. I was left behind broken. yes I admit I was broken by that time I came to that point where I am wiling to wait and just be a reserve tire, going out with friends every night, drinking, and get drunk just to forget the feelings that I have inside. Hours, days and months had passed still I and him has this friendship thing. When he is finally sure that he wants me back again, I mean he wants us to be together again I avoided him as in like erased him on my fb account and did every thing that I can do to make him go away because I know deep in me I still love him...( yes! a big yes!) damn its hard to ignore that feeling because I am afraid that I might get hurt again by the same man... So I made sure that he gets what he deserve back then, I made him realize that I don't need him, I showed him that I am very much happy without him, I made him look like a fool...He goes at my house almost every day just to check if im ok, asks what I want even though I am not talking to him, He bought me things that he knows I love to have, He picks me up where ever I am when I say it no matter what and no excuses, especially when I am drunk, I always ask him to do this and that, I even made him do household chores that a man will not do. It took us a year like that being casual and civil with each other but he stayed with me no matter what I do to him. I admit when I think of the things that I made to him made me realize that I was so harsh to him back then. 

Now...Well now I am ready to admit that I love him and Ill always do.  Despite the past major problems that we had encounter on our relationship I guess made us stronger. Now I am silently happy being with him, I am still a bit shy to admit that in front of other people but I am getting used to it. Now I trust him and I wish that this time this relationship will last longer than we expect. 

My friends will protest when they got the chance to browse his post....haaha They kindah know the entire history of us that's why.....well this would be the last time, when it happen again dont you worry guys I know  how to move on and I know I can do that when the right time comes...hehehe I guess now Im enjoying it.

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