Saturday, May 05, 2012

Summer Adventure

Its kindah late since i just figured out to make this blog. This is our adventure trip at my friends province. The trip was really planned since the start of our last sem in school, a grad trip (sort of) so we saved our money since the last sem was so extremely expensive because of the thesis and everything. Above is the view of Polillo Island, Quezon.
Me and my friends enjoying the hospitality of the people in polillo, by the way those people are relatives of my friends, her clan almost owned the whole island, i said that because almost of the people we see are her relatives....? You can see us enjoying the coconuts early in the morning. hahaha....
That's us enjoying the shore....The Temptation Island Effect! So sorry to you bf you're always the one who's taking shots....We thank you for apology if you're curly hair cant be seen on this post. muah...
Oh Ill never forget this cute little puppy keeps on following us while strolling around. Can you see how cute he is....All of us wants to bring him home....
Cawayan Falls at Real Quezon, the water was so cold perfect for the hot hot heat of the weather.
On our way back to Manila while waiting for our time to go we saw this....a very big fish...We cant just stare at it so we run into the shore to have some pictures of it. Im sorry to the guy carrying the Fish we know its too heavy but we just cant resist. They said its yellow fin...Oh before I forget, I would like to thank my friend for letting us stay on your house and just want you to know that you're fam is superbly cool. 

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