Thursday, June 14, 2012

EK All the way

Me and my siblings along with my sister's bf celebrate the Independence Day at the Enchanted Kingdom. It was a day full of fun and thrill. We arrived at the park about 1pm. We are lucky enough that they have a promo on that day we paid 386php for a ride all you can ticket instead of 500php. Plus my little sister got a students discount its like a discount and another discount for her, her ticket was around 200 I think, but on regular days the 500php ticket will be 350php for the students just present your school id's for them to verify.

They also have this promo for the students, they will get nuggets and a chuckie drink....Gosh I miss being a student with lots of discounts I can get.
that's us very excited to go inside the park I almost run......hahaha very childish of me.....keberlalu!!!
an epic fail jump shot
Us before the Rio Grande ride 
after the ride look at me very wet look.....haha Good thing I made sure to bring extra clothes.
the staff are recording a video for media purposes
after the jungle log jam got wet again
me and my monkey.....I love monkeys I don't know why..hehehe
my knees are actually shaking after that anchor ride I really have to seat and gather my strength before I try more of the nerve rocking ones
siblings posing ala mode
 posing my second outfit 
bit tired strolling all over the park
shame on me I was left behind, I don't know how does the ride work, the staff had to help me go back on the dock
pang cover photey dw according to my sissy.....hehehe 
Look who's on the space shuttle that's my little sister!!!!! Imma proud ate.....I am still thinking where did she got that braveness I was really screaming while she's up their....the thought that my little sister is taking that horror and intestine blowing ride....It really made me scream.....MY LITTLE SISTER the youngest!!!
me after an afternoon full of nerve rocking, knee shaking and intestine blowing rides
had witnessed the fireworks 
look how pretty the park is at night, lights are all over the place 
our last pose before heading back to manila

We had a blast celebrating our Independence Day here at Enchanted Kingdom. I recommend that you must experience this, unfortunately my man wasn't with me on this day because he just have an operation  and he needs to rest till he gets well but Ill make sure my next time will be with him.....I promise that all of you will treasure it for life especially with your loved ones around. For more details and promos of the park visit their site ....Have fun and enjoy being a child....hehehe 

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