Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Happy Happy Fathers Day

June 17, 2012 is a Happy Happy Father's Day for all the father's out there specially to my lovely but scary when mad father.

I am not the type of a sweet daughter to my parents but today you will witness my sweet part....though not that sweet like what you guys always expect into someone but I think this would be enough for me. My father is the kind that you can easily get along with, a bit strict, a  bit scary when angry, correction really scary hahaha......but He has a sweet part that he hides to us though we noticed it secretly....When me and my siblings went to La union the province of my aunt (my mothers sister) to spend the whole summer vacation my mother caught my father crying at the bath room.....hahahaha see that's very sweet.... but of course he always denies it....but my mother thinks that he misses his cute daughters though we pisses him off sometimes specially me, I am the hard headed one among the daughters. He cooks for us, when we are tired doing errands he always massage our feet to ease the tiredness....He sometimes do the house hold chores when we are lazy......My father is a great father even if he is drunk sometimes....hehhehe that's a benefit for me coz I also drink....hahahaha He understands me when I go home drunk sometimes....hehehe that's a very considerate father right...that's why we love him so much.....We love our parents so much....For all you readers out there love your parents while they are with you so you wont regret it when the time comes... Cherish every bits of it and do every thing to make them happy and avoid disappointing them.....though its kindah hard to do that but still try your best not to...ok....?muah....happy fathers day to the fathers in any form....hehehhe enjoy your day...have fun....

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