Friday, June 22, 2012

heypeee heypee birth day!!!!!

It has been 5 days since I did my last post....I am very sorry guys I had been so busy this past few days doing some errands, wasn't able to write something for you...Here's a post of mine to catch up on you....

It is June 22, 2012 a very special day for the two people I love.
see....? that's my sister the big brown one that looks like a lion....bwahahah Isn't she adorable....?NO! I'm just kidding...hehehe Today is her 22nd bday I think...hahaha but she is on her work right now, she is kindah busy, she's got work on her bday....haaaayz maybe she'll just celebrate it on some other day...well she should! happy birth day sisterrerat we used to call her GIRLIETA, I think you all know the idea right.....? coz' she's such a maldita....hahahaha We love you muah...

Today is also the birth day of my man's cousin.... Andrea Sacris is the name....hehehe I will never mention how old is she on this post she might protest....bwahahaha Well she's pretty,cool, loves photography, a beach bum...Oh ha...?crazy over books (see the evidence?) its on her shirt....I hope someday I could be her mowdel...hahaha 

So to the both of you wish you all the best and be happy on your very special day...enjoy...!!!! you....

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