Sunday, June 10, 2012

Independence Day Concert

A friend of mine was asking me to look for something we can do or somewhere that we can go to on the Independence Day....She had been itching to go out with some of my friends, told me that she had so much stress at work enough to make her run and go wherever she can. So I browsed the net and Voila!!!! Here's what I found I am not quite sure if she would love to attend this event but I am pretty sure that I would have lots of fun here since I am so into local bands......hahaha


“Malayang Pilipino”, a concert organized by Rock Ed Philippines. It will feature popular bands like :

- Rico Blanco
- Gloc-9
- Ithcyworms
- Kamikazee
- Paolo Santos
- Flippin Soul Stompers
- Radioactive Sago Project
- Pupil
- Sandwich
- The Dawn
- Pedicab

Actually the government had organized a series of events on the venue from morning till midnight, June 12 would be filled with music, laughters, bondings, performances that will embody the best of the Philippines as a strong reminder of what it means to be Filipino.

See you guys at the Quirino Grandstand....for more info about the events do go to RockEdPhilippines and ......Lets celebrate being a Free Filipino......!!!!!!!

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