Saturday, June 09, 2012

"Swing Swing"

I had been listening to this band since I was in my 4th year high school. I was into music on that days I used to watch music channel every day as in like from morning till eve. I was captured by their song called "Swing Swing"  lyrics do sinks in, why is that I can always relate to their songs....? Well even on my wedding I want this song to included on the song list. The instrument part of it would be perfect. hahahaha..... I know its too early to say that but then what...?its my blog though, I can say whatever I want....?hehe
Here's the video so that you can watch and enjoy it.

The second band that I love is this. I accidentally discover it while I was browsing on youtube searching for a song that I was asked to. Then their song titled " My girl's ex boyfriend" It was so perfect with what I am feeling right on that time when I watched the video it eases the pain inside me, It made me smile and made me look forward to that man who's gonna sing this for me and to my ex.

So that's my music list......what's your's....?let me know....

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