Thursday, July 26, 2012

“Coming Home to Mandaue Foam”

Being a pure blooded Cebuana makes me really proud when I discover things that are made from Cebu. I got an email from Nuffnang to blog about Mandaue Foam....haha I am so proud to blog this company because I am such a proud pure blooded Cebuana....hahaha

 Starts in 1971 by Mrs. Rosita T. Uy as a foam manufacturer in Cebu, Mandaue Foam has rapidly grown over the past 40 years. Imagine that...? 4 decades of committing to provide its customers with quality and value for money products. This company is one of the country's top 1000 corporations and has over 17 factories and showrooms nationwide.They had began to expand and diversify its product lines that they include pillows, sofa's, dining, tables, bed frames and other small home items plus they are also offering customized furniture that will suit to the needs and desires of their customers...

I ran into their site and here are my great finds:


The color really got me....These set can be an accent to your sofa. Very comfortable. I can actually see myself  being a couch potato on it, best while reading books, having a movie marathon or just chilling with my friends and family. 

Books are my love and this book case is perfect for me....haha I do have lots of books well not that much....just enough....hahaha I am really needing this. The design is very unique compare to those normal cases.


Perfect for the family of 5...Each member has its own frame for their best shot. Of course the sixth member of our family is my love Ashton... He's gonna be right on the middle....He is the family's stress reliever he deserve it right....?
Truly Mandaue Foam provides very affordable and high quality foam and furniture to the Filipino people.
with Mandaue Foam   "Your home, your imagination."

Here's the TV Commercial

So that's my list tell me whats yours....?

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