Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friends are treasures to keep forever....

College could be always toxic and tiring for some, because of the deadlines, thesis, research papers, practicums, projects and for my course which is BSHRM culinary is bit stressful sometimes, because of the dishes that we have to create and buying ingredients that is extraordinary for us....but those problems will lessen if you have friends that can laugh with you even on the simplest things, make silly and crazy things just to break the ice when everybody is exhausted.....Well I thank God for having friends like that around me back on my college days (4 months ago actually)....haha 

GRaduation Ball is our last bonding on our college life and all of us made sure that everybody should attend that event....This is the last time that we will attend an event organized by our why not go for the gold right....?That's what we always say to each other...hehehe 

haaaayyyyzzz...........seeing these pictures really makes me want to use the bring back the hands of time effect...(If only there is). I really miss the bonding that we used to have...Now all of us are busy finding job or busy doing their own job, having priorities and I think party-ing is the least priority right now....But I'm not bitter about that.....Now we get to work hard so that we earn and then reach for our goals, make our parents proud, after that then that's the time we bond in bond like there's no tomorrow....bwahahaha and I am really looking forward for that day to happen...

For now let us all fly wherever we want to
Reach whatever you can reach
Go wherever you want to go
Earn, and earn and then earn...

then party after all of that.....

PS: To my classmates and friends I really miss you bigtime!


  1. miss you too.. know want last week i'm thinking if i'm gonna post our grad ball on my blog but then here you go .. you already posted it hahaha .. miss you .. PINAKA MATABA kong kaibigan hehehe .. mwah mwah ...

  2. Ay. Nakakamiss naman yung mga friends ko din :)


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