Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Encounter

As I was walking around at a grocery in Makati I accidentally bumped my cart to a lady in my front of me. What I automatically did is to say sorry ( mind you! a very sincere sorry) I was shock very shock on how the lady answered me. "Puny-ta ka, Dem-nyo ka," those are some of the words I had received on that interaction, very pleasant words to finish my tiring day right....?but still though I was pissed right away I heard those words still I said my sorry again to her.....Explained that I never meant that, and I also offered to bring her to the grocery's clinic to check her toes which I bumped my cart......again these are the words I received " TI ka. PI mo...!umalis ka s likod ko"....Again very relieving for the third time I said sorry again then she yells "Wag mu akong sundan, Dem-nyo ka, PI mo, TI ka...... what I did is smile and say sorry for what I have done to her.....and thank her! for her very kind words that made her look ashamed to all the people having their grocery time with their children. For letting all them know what kind of a person she was....I do hope the young ones will not be like her when they grow up....

I promise that when I got old I will never be like that lady....I assure you all of that...hahahaha

To that lady:
I hope that you realized that that was an honest accident, that I was sincere to ask for your forgiveness. Lastly, do wish that what you said/did to me maid you feel happy after the incident. How I wish you have a kind and a very understanding family to understand you....

Lessons learned:
Just be polite to elders, understand that some of them are short tempered.
Say sorry as sincere as you can.
Don't put yourself down to their level.
Never say those curse words to anyone specially strangers!
And never make a scene that will make you ashamed of it.
lastly for me.....always be careful to avoid this kind of interaction......

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