Saturday, September 08, 2012

Book 101: "Watchers" by Dean Koontz

by: Dean Koontz

"As Travis goes into the woods to commit suicide, he finds a mysterious, and intelligent dog seems that have a connection with, the dog seems to talk him out and save him for what he intends to do. 

This dog is very intelligent that Travis named it "Eintein". Unexpectedly Einstein had made things a normal dog cant. Here is a summary of what Einstein do: can spell words using scrabbles,can sense danger, defend you from an enemy,  and the best one is that he had helped a lot to find a new girlfriend for his owner....Cool right.....? Eventually Travis and his new found girlfriend finds out that Einstein had came from a military secret lab used to experiment for animals that can be used as a weapon, that they were two animals Einstein which is the good one (successful experiment) and a deformed animal (failed experiment) which is the bad. The monster is chasing Einstein wherever they go because it has a trait that senses where he is. Add to that are the NBI's that are looking for both animals to retreive or destroy them. 


All I can say about this book is that it made me laugh while I was reading it to the point that my father got curious and worry a bit that I might look crazy if some people sees me on that moment. I am a dog lover and this book had me love more dogs I can......hahahaha I wish this book would have a movie interpretation Ill surely watch it over and over.............hahaha

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