Monday, November 26, 2012

its FREE!

Since I was on my college days or should I say High School days I have been in love with the not so loved genre of music. I don't know some of my friends find me unusual since I am so out of extraordinary....Well I think that's a good thing....right? That would made me stand out compare to others. I always want to attend some gigs like Summer Slam,Rakista,Musiklaban etc. I enjoy swimming the mosh pit with all the crowds though it gets you very sweaty after that because of the big numbers of people bumping as in literally with each other....

There is this one indie band (underground band) that I and my sibling really loved because of its unique way of delivering there song and unique lyrics that makes you smile while listening to it. They define their music as a "Happy Metal" type....those boys really knows how to make there fan happy. They don't just make songs and sell it what they actually do is they share it for free, you can download through their page or on their site. All of their albums are downloadable for free....Imagine that! How they really love their supporters....?What a great band aren't they....? I don't know you but for me they really are....hahha

Introducing the craziest band I love....

and the crazy boys of it.

with Jeje of vocals...

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