Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is here!

Christmas is really on the cool breezy air though its not that cold these days, but I can steel feel it or maybe its just on my mind...hahaha all of us has been waiting this season especially me it is my favorite event of the year. I get to eat whatever I want knowing that I'm a big eater.....oh really you read it right....really am...so what...?hahaha

Simbang gabi has just started last Dec.16 well I haven't tried it yet this year but I got a lot of chance pa nmn since it will end on the Christmas eve. What I like on attending simbang gabi is that the native foods that are ready to be served after the mass, when I see them its like their calling me to eat all of them....hahaha My favorite native delicacy would be the Tupig....Its made of glutinous rice and grated coconut wrapped with banana leaves and cooked over live coals. It is a source of  livelihood in Pangasinan.

                                  this is what it looks like

                          the famous puto bumbong
                                          puto at kuchinta
                                       cassava cake 

aren't they tempting.....?Oh for they are as in super.....they are the reasons why I love going out to the streets every Christmas season.

Go on eat everything you can gain a holiday belly forget the diet, splurge on the food that is being served on you this holiday season....but to those who has history of health problems just be minimal on those food, drinks you know might cause health problems. Ok....?

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