Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas 2012

Yes! its very late to post about Christmas When its already January....Its just that I want to share with you how happy we are celebrating....Its not that fancy its just a simple celebration with my family and the extended ones,,,hahaha We had exchange gifts though we've been celebrating it as in like forever but its our first time to do the exchange gift...hehe so its kindah new and that makes me excite a lot....hahaha All of us are excited to open the gifts that we have received...laughing, teasing about the gift ideas. I am very happy this year though my family had encountered some problems which is very normal it made us stronger and made us closer to each other. Im very blessed that I have this kind of family.What we have, Its like beyond being a family, what my father and mother always says that you have to be friends with your son or daughters so that we treat them us friends also as in best friends.....but of course with full respect being they are our parents.

Of course my love Ashton will never be forgootten for he also had a gift...isnt his Christmas outfit cute...?he's more cuddlier than ever.

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