Friday, January 25, 2013

Heypee birthday Sexy....!!!

Sorry for the late post.... wasn't able to post it on time...Well we celebrated my sexy mothers birthday last January 13, 2013...I have been asking her that we should celebrate it in a unique way, which we don't usually do but then my mother keeps on refusing she's a type of person who always avoid making expenses. Every year when its her birthday she doesn't want us to do some preparations since she's always at work...mind you my sexy mother is very hard working...oh yeah....though its her birthday she still works instead of savoring her day..... that's the big reason why I always insist that we should go out of town as always, I always lose that battle since I have to respect her decision....So I have to came up with Plan B just to celebrate her birthday....What we did is we just surprised her when she got home from work...Actually the rain was such a spoiler...! It was raining so hard that day that the cake I ordered from Iko's Bakeshop was a bit damaged  (a not so picture perfect cake!) Then we ordered  the pair deal from Pizza Hut, I got the Hawaiian Supreme and Cheezy Burger....My mother's fave is Hawaiian so I have to get what she wants right....?hehe but our fave is the Cheezy burger so that's fair enough...hahahaa It cost us aboout 600php since the other kind of pair deal were not available for delivery (exclusive for takeout)...I need that  be delivered I cant afford to bring it on my way home its raining so hard ehyyyttt....

Lets talk about the cake....! Well I heard that Iko's Bakeshop has delicious cakes that can be customized for a very affordable price....ahaytt...(bell ringing on my mind...)

They have a wide variety of cakes to choose from you just have to ask them or look for their brochures....You can choose if you want it chiffon or moist chocolate...I chose moist chocolate since I've heard that its their best seller....for chiffon it would cost for about 500 plus sorry I forgot the exact price,  for our cake its 875php...its a 10" by 12" round cake...Well good decision...I loved their cake as in...Im not a sweet lover but their moist chocolate cake is superb....its not too sweet and a bit fudgee...its so near like eating brownies...hahaha They also have breads, wedding cakes, cupcakes, pasta and sandwiches and coffee...What I would recommend to them is that adding more couches and making the place bit bigger would be a hit...!

About the pizza...! It arrived earlier than we expected since we are not expecting it to arrive on time because the traffic going on our house was extremely crazy...The delivery boy is so kind and very apologizing that the pizza was a bit late than the standard time....hehe but its very then we ate.... that's all....Simple yet very happy of course no matter what, its always happy with your family....!

What event you had right now...?let me know Ill surely be tempted to know that......hehehe

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