Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holiday Belly: Go away!

After the Holiday season Im pretty sure some of you guys had gain the so called "Baby Belly"...Yes! I admit I already have that too, and I am finding ways on how to remove that now. Lets admit it is very hard to resist a lot of food that you see on Holiday seasons, the deserts, the fatty yet so tempting foods like Crispy Pata, Seafood, pasta, cakes, there are so much to mention....So I have recalled what I did last summer just to have a flat stomach that i can show just in case I went to the beach. Really it lessens my confidence when I hear some of my friends say that I have a baby belly. 

So here is the answer to that!

Banana Diet:

The banana diet is 1 of the best and easiest ways to help boost your weight loss efforts. It appears there are many versions of this diet... and I also have a version of this diet. A lot of the other versions of this diet just seem plain silly and not very practical.
Here's an easy to use version that will give you slow, steady weight loss. This is not an extreme diet like you may think.
You may think that the banana diet consists of eating just bananas all day. Wrong! Obviously that isn't very practical or smart. There is just 1 main rule to this diet and another general rule...
Rule #1: Eat 1-2 bananas before each meal... minimum of 3 times a day.
Very simple, huh? Not much to think about. If you eat, you're going to eat 1-2 bananas before your meal. Practical, easy, healthy, and not much to remember.
Before breakfast, eat 2 bananas. Before lunch, eat 2 bananas. Before dinner, eat 1 banana. So you eat 5 total bananas a day.
Rule #2: Eat whatever you want for meals.
This rule is simple... eat whatever you want, just as long as you eat 2 bananas before breakfast, 2 bananas before lunch, and 1 banana before dinner. Obviously eating healthier than normal would help your weight loss efforts even more, but it's not 100% necessary.
Bonus Rule: You can replace 1 banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch.
As mentioned, you can replace a banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch. This is to help relieve possible boredom. Nothing more.

I did this last summer and i is very effective..So to you guys who wants to remove that excess holiday belly you better try this! 

If you really cant do the banana diet you can try drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal so that the water will occupy a space on your tummy before digging in to your heavy meal...hehe muah....