Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My celebration.

During bday celebration:

December is a very happy yet so busy month for me, so many parties to attend to, events to organize and my birthday I am very sorry for not sharing photo's from my birthday because I forgot to take some pictures maybe because I was so overwhelmed with what is happening around it slipped out my mind that I have to share how happy I was celebrating my birthday. and my close friends had some drinking sessions which had made us drunk and sober. After drinking all the liquors I stocked for the event, I opted to go out and have some bar hopping which is very unusual since we were all that naughty side of me.... it just came up to my mind and so because I have the most ever supportive friends with me so they didn't even complain maybe because its my birthday and they dont want to spoil it...and so we went to Metrowalk ordered a bucket of beer and then after we stayed at Starbucks to chill and fix our self up and regain the energy that will be needing to go home. thats all...hahaha

Post bday celebration:

Me and my girlfriends had been planning to go out as in all out so this is what happen.

We checked in at a hotel in malate, after checking in we went out to SM Mall of Asia since the three of us are starving to death so a great answer to that is an Eat-All-You-can so we did at Chef de Angelo, we dig in to their Unlimited pizza, pasta, salad,deserts, and the newest addition which is the best for Filipino's is the rice meal. OH yeah I oh so love rice...My day wouldn't be complete without rice. After that big thing pigging out, we bought some groceries for our mini celebration of my post birthday, post Christmas, and Pre New Year celebration...hitting three birds in one stone right...?hahaha We bought Tanduay Cocktails which is mojito (my favorite by the way), Vodka Mudshake (chocolate and caramel) since krizza is not that hard drinker so we settled on those....

We woke up about 2pm we decided that we eat out after checking out we went to Robinsons, Manila and there we ate a lot...funny seems like were always starving when we eat....Who cares its holiday season so pigging out is so in....right...?

                                                      profile pic pose...hahaha
               our favorite drink
    pigging out at chef de angelo
   drink a bit
  picture bonding

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