Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year: New You: New Goals

Happy New Year to all of you my loves!
A not so late greeting from me...hehhe Its been a very busy holiday didnt have time to post while celebrating I was so hands on in terms of planning that's why...I hope you understand....? So hows your New Year I bet you all had a blast...? well were just the to eat a lot and the result is that I gained a lot, I even have baby belly in just how many days! Which is very hard to remove now! But how can I resist the tempting desserts, the food that are smiling big on me....?who am I to resist....?hahaha 

2012 is over! Lets welcome 2013 with a set of new goals, new perspective in life, new set of priorities well if you don't have that in the previous years you'd better set one this year as for me Ill have to rearrange it,,,,its kindah not in order last year...

My things to do on 2013:
  • Well I have to make sure to get my TOR from my school since its been how many months and its not yet issued. That should be achieved by February!
  • Find a good job though I think I already have since I'm enjoying mine...lets rephrase it! Find a stable job that I can stay for long.
  •  I should save 20 pesos every day for my Ashton's maintenance such as check ups, vaccines,boosters, vitamins,grooming... Isn't that too little...?hahaha that would be 600/month
  • I should have to travel once a year.
  • and to support that I should save 20% of my monthly income for my yearly travel...
  • I should read more books... at least 3 books a month.
  • Pig out with my man once a month.
  • I should climb a mountain once a year that is excluded from my yearly travel....
  • Jog whenever I can specially sundays.
  • Join a fun run at least 2..
  • post some outfit shots especially on events.

I think that would be enough....Ill get my miser momentum that I learned from my college professor. 
I hope my friends also saves money for the yearly travel I have informed them so that I wont be travelling alone...?hahaha 

Friends and Family please do bear with me on these goals...
Food please don't tempt me whenever I see you specially, you always succeed on tempting me.

Ill better stay at home whenever I have no work so that I can avoid expenses...Download all ebooks and movies that I can so that I will stay at home and not get bored.