Sunday, January 13, 2013

There's always rainbow after the rain

haaayz....its been sad this past few days...I have been in switched emotions sad and happy...

Since the year started our family had started extreme renovations in our house so it will take weeks or months..We decided not to transfer or to rent a house since my father had made some arrangements on the working process but then this past few days its been raining so hard and it was very unexpected so when the rain poured leaks are all over the place...our things got wet and the worst part is that our rooms got affected ie: mattress,pillows, clothes, we're not really sure if this things/appliances will still function. As for me I don't expect it to function same as then I'm kindah sure that they will have defects....I hope its just minor...ahahaha..

That's enough....!Forget about the sad part lets look into the brighter side....hehehe
Well I hope after how many days the renovation thingy will be done and by then will be enjoying the new look of our house...though its not that big I'm very much happy with whats inside of it... My FAMILY! No matter how big or small it is as long as I'm with them will always be HAPPY....There's no place like HOME right.....?


  1. Aww, That's life teh. Basta kasama mo family mo,:)

  2. Yes teh...i can survive anything as long as Im with them...I guess that applies to all...hehehe


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