Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Summer

February is about to end and summer is near to come...hehehe I'm getting excited to know what are the places to go to specially the beach...Since I am not a swimmer so I prefer to go to the beach I kinda enjoy it more than swimming pools. I like toe dipping on the sea water while on a boat, snorkeling, walking around the shore, gathering sea shells and looking at the happy and reddish people around the beach...watching people swim and asking myself why didn't I learned it when I was a child though I still have time right....?I love sitting on the sand with my friends and loved ones watching the sunrise. Having a bon fire while eating, having a barbecue, drinking, chatting. Sleeping in an unfamiliar room, or just in the tent or lay down in the sand having back massage. Sleeping with the sound of waves. Haaayzzz that's a beautiful vacation....

To cut it short my excitement turns into making me buy this pair of swimsuit that I wish to wear this summer...hehehe Its very affordable and I like the color and the design...actually what I'm looking for is the sailor design but then I cant find it so I ended up with this pair....Fair enough they belong to the stripe family...haaha

By the way thank you to Brassiere Shoppe for accommodating me...They are patient enough to entertain my inquiries and request. It was delivered a day after I purchased. Brassiere Shoppe has a wide collection of swim wears that suits your lifestyle. Not only that they also have under garments from the name itself you'd notice right away and almost everything that you might need....I really love it when I get to shop without even stepping out of my house or even my room...haha With just a click I can have what I want delivered in my house without getting tired of walking around the mall or bazaars, without being stuck in traffic, without swimming in the sea of people, and by being safe by the comforts of my home because crime incidents in malls are increasing right now...These online shops are a big help to us...

So where are you heading up this summer my dear?


Watch out for my post about where would I wear this pair this summer...

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