Thursday, February 07, 2013


I really love watching the sunset...I don't know what it has but it makes me feel that I am blessed with a beautiful life. It makes me feel at peace and makes me think that God made so much mysteries around but some people doesn't even appreciate it. The image above actually taken while me and my man were on a ride going to a friends house to attend a birthday party. Seeing this scenic view is always rewarding for me and I cant stop myself from taking a picture of it so I told him to stop in the middle of the road he was asking me if I'm really serious that I want him to stop I said a big yes! so then we stopped and he was watching me taking a pic of the view. I think he's used to it because when I see this kind of view I just cant help but to take a pic of it and he always notice me taking deep breath (haaaayyssszz)...For me if I had a very stressful day and seeing the sunset will surely be a big relief..... (except eating a bunch of french fries...hahaha Of course... :'D )

I remember back on my college days I cut my class (ooopppps hehe sorry for that) just to go at the sea side in Mall of Asia  to watch the sun set. I am so pissed then that we might not catch it because the train (LRT) is having technical problems. We were in a hurry just to catch the sun set. I remember I was almost running when we got off  in MOA..haha... That's how I am addicted with sunset I even managed to encourage my classmates to cut the class to join me on this craziness about apology guys!

How about you? do love sunsets...?Let me hear your story about what else do you love...

To my student readers don't cut classes ok? That's bad as in really bad....hehe 

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