Tuesday, April 02, 2013


I am very excited to share to you guys that my little brother from another mother got a medal...hahaha Well he's actually my fathers God son, but we really treat him as our biological brother....I guess we all found a brother at his persona since we don't have one....hehe

I have been motivating him to aim for higher grades every year and he doesn't fail to impress me every year. He is really doing his best to have high grades in school, a very hard working little brother right....?In exchange to his hard works I give him rewards. Whats best with this little boy is that he asks for the simplest things like last year what he wants is that I treat him for an ice cream....Now what he wants is a bird pet...
Haaaayzzz.....Life is so simple when you're a child.....no problems, no worries only pure happiness......

I am looking forward for next year......and thinking what would his reward be.....?

Congratulations to your brother,sister,friends to all the graduates this 2013!

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