Friday, April 19, 2013

Food Review: Buffalo Swing Pasig

I have been very curious about this restaurant that we usually pass by when we are doing some visits with our friend in Caniogan, Pasig. Its like a walk away from there house. Its name is a bit appetizing especially to me who is a big fan of chicken. The first time I saw this resto its named "Red Buffalo Wings" but now its "Buffalo Swing"....One day on our way to our friends house my curiosity won and made us try it out...hahaha

Upon entering the place the first thing you will notice are the images of very tempting pizza and their famous chicken wings. A very strategic way to make me crave and drool for their food...haahaha

So the lady handed us the menu upon entering. They've got the food that I am always craving for...haha They serve pizza, pasta, chicken (which they are famous of), they also have some rice meals though its not available when we were there...Too bad my man is a big rice person pa naman...hehe

He's quite disappointed because the rice meals are not available so he let me decide our orders...and I ordered Shrimp Pasta for me, Buffalo Wings and an extra rice for him...

Our food has been served in a while. Mine was great it has bell peppers, white onions, and the paste...but my man is having a hard time eating his because I ordered an epic fail flavor of buffalo wings...hahaha That was actually my fault the wings are great so its not the food its me bro! hahaha I forgot that he doesn't eat spicy food and what he has is a very spicy wings...Forgive me for this mistake my love...I really appreciate him finishing his food even if his sweat is all over his face...he drinks his coke every after bite of his wings...It really makes me laugh when I remember how he looks like then...I so love my man for that...hahaahha

As for the whole place its quite small I guess it can only accommodate at least 4 groups maybe...They also sell baking ingredients, they have premix like brownies, fudge cakes, cupcakes. 

Buffalo Swing is located in #363 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave.,Caniogan, Pasig City

Order your own food yourself to avoid more disappointments...hahaa

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