Thursday, April 04, 2013

Marlou Beach Resort, Nasugbu Batangas FREE Escapade

Oh yes! its summer so I've got no reason not to go somewhere....haha A friend of mine named Pinky invited me and my man to come with her family bonding in Batangas. Who am I to ignore this very tempting invite....Here are some photos how we had fun in Marlou Beach Resort, Nasugbu Batangas.

the guys doing there best to beat Joe. Pinky's loving boyfriend...

Seeing these images gives you a lot more reason why you have to visit more places in Philippines. 

I am very happy to have good friends in my world...They add fun even if your on the saddest part of the world....They make life easier and crazier....Sometimes being crazy and going out of boundaries is good especially when you are surrounded by good and ever supportive friends..

Of course my escapade wouldn't be complete without a picture of sunset...You know how I love them right?

For more info click this ---->  Marlou Beach Resort

To Pinky thank you for inviting us to join your family bonding....We had a blast...Till next time....haha muah...


  1. nice pictures. i want to know kung lahat ng scenic views dito kita from marlou beach resort thanks :)

    1. nabangka po kami from marlou beach going to an island po...From that island yan po ung mga scenic view na mkikita nyo...The resort will arrange the tour you just have to tell them po...


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