Thursday, July 04, 2013

My Poor Little Ashton

I am very sorry for not posting for about a month I have been so busy that I didn't have time to do write ups for my blog... I can't have a clear mind to start any article because my Ashton is sick....I have been going to his vet for several times now to check his status if everything is normal or what....We discovered that he is having liver problems and that really alarmed me so deep that I can't even concentrate to my work..I think you guys read that I posted something about liver problems in dogs. It is somewhat a common cause of death of the dogs....and that really made my cry yaaah.....I am such an OA yes I admit it with arms wide open....hahahaha  I dont know you but I treat him as my baby, my son....Who wouldn't be sad when something like that happen right.....?

So now he is a bit ok he is back to his normal naughtiness..... I so miss him being such....Ashton is still taking medications for a month and slowly he is getting well now.... I'm positive that he will....

Here is a photo of the meds that he is taking.....I am actually surprised how Ashton is cooperating in taking these....maybe he really wants to be well don't want mama to get worried ha.....?hehehe

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