Saturday, July 06, 2013

Puting Buhangin, Pagbilao Quezon

I've been wanting to go somewhere before the summer ends but unfortunately my work did not permit to…Summer is already over and the rainy days is here to come and typhoons started to invade, tropical depressions are coming from different sides of the country.

But that won't stop us from reaching our goals…hahaha On the day of our trip we were watching the news and it had announced that there is a tropical depression coming in the country…..Some of our friends change their minds preferred not go which I understand, but only the three of us remained ready and still excited to be there….. We've conquered typhoon Juan and Ondoy a tropical depression wouldn’t be a big deal…hehehe  

As for me I love going to places that are isolated and doesn't have an easy access that sounds like a not too crowded place where I can enjoy and do what I want without being conscious with the people around me…hahaha I like having long bumpy ride, and asking locals though some of them are taking advantage but I'm not that easy…hahaha I'm best in haggling you know….hhaahaha by these I can really feel the backpacker in me…(feelingera lang ang peg….) it adds up challenge and makes you more excited to get to the place…..

 Through this post you will see if the long bumpy ride, and being lost before you get to this beach is worth it….hahaha

We met at the Jam Liner Cubao Kamias station. Our bus departed exactly 3 am…The good thing with Jam Liner is that we didn't have to wait for other passengers to fill the bus….Seems like everything is on our side haha…..bwahahaha arrived at Lucena Grand Central 7am…The three of us were hungry so we decided to have our breakfast there…When I visit provinces I prefer to eat on its local carenderia to taste some of their local dishes. Thats part of travelling….oh yeah….(feeling expect oh….hahaha) 

After that we are ready to roll...From Lucena Grand Central you will travel for about 2 hours to get to the Puting Buhangin in Ibabang Polo. Will post travel details in separate post....Upon arriving in the Pagbilao Market we took a jeepney ride to Ibabang Polo luckily since we are two groups going to Puting Buhangin the driver asked us to just add 20php so that he will drop us on the bay inside the Team Energy Power Plant which originally cost 200php for a tricycle ride going there....yehey we saved a bit...

After crossing the bay I asked the boatman how much the ride is and he said it will be included on the entrance fee...Last challenge to reach the beach is to trek for like 15 minutes but for us first timers, plus the trail was muddy that time it took us like 30 minutes...not bad for a first timers right....?wahehehe

Told you it was muddy that time...hahaha (defensive....?haha)while trekking you won't even notice that you're already on the entrance of the beach because you will enjoy the trees and the scenery. Look how luscious the trees are... 

Need I say more.....?haha.....this beach is a paradise thats why its more fun in the Philippines... Look how fine the sand is, you will initially know why it was named Puting Buhangin....Caressing crystal clear water, really made us swim right away. Ignore the skin tone that has been maintained for like forever embrace being tanned. Enjoy life and explore Philippines don't be a tourist in your country...

Will post travel details separately....


  1. We went there yesterday and we're really disappointed!

    How can they charge the water for 50 pesos when it should be included on the entrance fee.
    The CR, they are charging 2 pesos for no.1 and 5 pesos for no.2.
    Why does a need of charging when the CR's are not properly maintained, and some are clogged. And because of that, some girls threw sanitary napkins in the beach. omg. so gross.

    The transportation fee for the boat is expensive also.
    1st boat i think it's 60 pesos back and forth, so we thought it's ok since it's their business, but on the 2nd boat, a whopping 300 pesos, not sure if it's per head. But my friend heard, they charged 160 pesos per head for a group who came yesterday morning. And they asked, how they'll get back to the parking without transferring through boat, he heard that the boatman says, "bahala na kayo".

    They do not know the meaning of hospitality.

    The tent for 2 pax is worth 400 and if you damaged it, you'll pay for the whole tent, hahaha. Because we woke up hearing annoying fight from the management and the renter, haha...

    If you forgot your pot for cooking, then, you are really unlucky, because they charged us 60 pesos per kilo of rice, not to mention, we brought the uncooked rice, so it is really for the rent of pot. We asked them to cook 2 kilos, so it is 120 pesos. This is really inhumane.

    I do not suggest people to visit this place. This is the worst trip I have ever encountered.

    We'd rather go back to Magalawa Island in Zambales, that i'll suggest. The people are hospitable, the beach is nice, the food is perfect! :)

  2. Sooo nice ... I miss that province ... haha.. i'll pay a visit on may .. hope to see u sissy ... ^_^


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